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Here you'll find all the info you need about App Store Marketing (ASO)

First of all, ASO is most key element for any app on the store. ASO defines the existence of your app.

Keywords start with ASO, have a look at your own app, and define it with words. Is it a VPN or QR Code Reader app, maybe a Endless Running game. You should start by writing down a full description of the app, which could be used on the app store.

After you've done this, you should find the perfect name, this i very hard, as it should be short and clean, but still have keywords in it. But e.g. a VPN app shouldn't just have a title called "VPN", it should be something with a brand like "Go Anonymous - Free VPN Proxy". This way you're both showing of your brand, but also going to rank on the most searched keywords for VPN apps (VPN, VPN Free, VPN Proxy).

App store optimization is a key component of your app success. The function of ASO is to get higher rank in the search results and improve the visibility of a mobile app in Play Store and App Store.

The main factors that can affect ASO are the content that the developer can fully control. These factors are app icon, app title/subtitle, app description, screenshot and preview video, etc. ASOWorld will optimize all of these factors to help apps get more and more organic users.

Other KEY elements in ASO:

  • Keyword field

    The App Store has a special keyword field, where you can put in up to 100 characters, which isn't much, so it's really important to think about the most relevant keywords for your app, and don't duplicate any words.

  • Subtitle

    A very short description that is intended to summarize your app in a concise phrase.

  • App Previews

    You're able to upload short videos/previews of your app, these can be up to 30 seconds long. If you have the opportunity to make a good one, then you should always include one, as it will help you overall ASO.

  • Screenshots

    While it can be hard, to always include everything from your app, within only 10 screenshots. You should definitely do your best, and try to capture some key screens/moments in your app, which is showcasing the purpose.

  • Promotional Text

    This area could be used, to share your latest deals or news, as you can update it at all times. It appears at the top of the description

The strategy of app store optimization should include several actions:

  • Creation of your brand ‘face’. It includes attractive icon and other designed elements.

  • Good texts with relevant keywords. To improve your app search rankings, it is necessary to know which keywords are relevant and used most often by your target users.

  • Optimize app with an attractive title, descriptions, screenshots and video.

  • Make your app has a good number of installs, high-quality rating and reviews.

Need more info about ASO, or how to promote your app(s)?

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