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Have you just released a new app, or do you just want the reviews counter to go up?

App reviews are a great way of getting your app ranked. The first and most important thing for a new app, is to get ranked on keywords. This can only be done by getting reviews, or wait for months to get those tiny amount of organic reviews.

If you aren't ranked on any keywords yet, but you app ins't new, these reviews will still get it ranked.

You can also use just App reviews combined with Ratings and Reviews, to make your app looks more appealing to other people.

Users rely on app reviews as social proof that they're downloading a quality app. Make a good first impression and also build a loyal community by replying to user ratings & reviews.

The key algorithm of Google Play or App Store is to ensure the displayed apps mostly meet the demand of users. A combination of factors is important for this,which including your apps keywords, reviews and ratings, and previous downloads.

Benefits of buying App reviews:

  • Better category rank

    You probably won't benefit much from a good category rank, since you're going to need a very high number of reviews to high some high ranks.

  • Overall higher keyword rankings

    App reviews will help you app getting initial keyword ranks, and give a little bit towards all the potential keywords you're having in your title, description and keyword areas.

  • The perfect way to get your app started

    We recommend starting with App reviews, for the first month, if your app has just hit the app store.

The effect of ratings & reviews on Search Visibility

  • Both Google Play and App Store present a tendency to rank apps with more positive ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are essential ASO factors, for both conversion rate and visibility.

  • By our test and feedback report on which thousands of app users were investigated to know their opinion of ratings and reviews.Almost 80% checks them and more than half of them consider the reviews as important as their friends' opinion.

  • The more and better ratings and reviews you have, the better users' sentiment will be, and that wil lead to more downloads.

Don't you know much about keywords and all of these ASO things?

Have a look at our ASO service, this will give you a head start, compared to you opponents.